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Now You Have It!
  No Travel Cost, No Down Time, No Contracts & Unlimited Access
Did You Know LEADERS Have Higher Profits?
Watch our first video free. Start the process of #reframing
What would you do with the FREEDOM?
Looking for more video testimonials? Look below & listen to real dentists just like you!

Now what have other Mavericks done with their new Maverick skills?

- Relaxed & took more vacation
- Paid of Student Loans & Business Loans
- Bought a new house, car, boat. Bought a Vacation home.
- Work less days per week with flexible hours to see kids more often

What will YOU do once you gain more control of your office & make higher profits?

 No Travel Cost, No Down Time, No Contracts & Unlimited Access

What exactly will I get access to for signing up and becoming the next Maverick?
· 48 week doctor training on principles of communication, leadership, management and more! TED style talk videos with major points for you to implement and grow each week. All topics are presented in the format of principle and theory followed by WHY it works and then with practical examples that you can copy and duplicate. 

· Optional 26 video staff training module that will train your staff as a team and individual to each department (FD, HYG and assistants). They will learn the principles of Maverick applied to their point of view with practical examples. They will also learn the psychology of patients and how to understand why questions are asked to them and not the doctor specifically!

· SYSTEMS! You will receive a copy of all my major systems including the recall/unscheduled/follow up system that is in my top-selling Amazon book here and here. These systems will give you consistency and help eliminate the roller coaster “up and down” typical of many offices.

· Office Training Manual! You will get access to my exact office training manual which I use to train, calibrate and establish consistency among all my staff members and future hires!

· Checklists! You will get a copy of every single check list that I use including my awesome office flow sheet which helps keep staff on track and not forgetting things AND implement a principle called CO-DIAGNOSIS to know what has been and needs to be discussed with patients.

· 14 hours AGD credits! Yes, 14 hours AGD credits for you CE junkies.
· Private access to our Facebook discussion group. We have a group closed to ONLY users. You will have access to a group of amazing doctors that are out to help each other without judgement or negativity. We all strive to better ourselves here!

· MONTHLY MASTERMIND CHATS AT NO EXTRA CHARGE!!!!! If you’ve done traditional consulting or other similar programs, you will see how hard it is to get in touch or talk to the lead consultant. We have a monthly mastermind chat where ALL users can log on and talk to MYSELF FACE TO FACE and converse with each other. This is an amazing added value at no cost that keeps information fresh and consistent. We can talk about ANYTHING and will keep you on track and motivated!

· Access to ALL previously recorded monthly mastermind chats which grow in number each month. You will have a growing library to learn from should you miss it. 

· Email access directly to myself! If you have a crucial urgent and pressing matter, you can always email me! I love helping docs and all Mavericks know that I am always available!

· No CONTRACTS and NO HIDDEN COSTS. I tell you up front what the cost is and there is never an additional cost (unless you want to add the staff training which you did not purchase initially). I want to teach you the skills so that you free yourself from the need of reliance of anyone else to lead and manage your staff! That is my goal for you which is BREAK FREE!

· NEVER ENDING ACCESS. Your access to all your materials never expires! You can use this material to retrain yourself, your future associates, your future staff as much as you want!
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