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Dental Maverick
Hi, I'm Tuan Pham and a Dental Maverick. Yes, I'm a practicing dentist and have helped close to a 1000 dentists earn more all the while having less stress by becoming a better leader, communicator & manager. You may have seen my books on Amazon, in numerous podcasts, seen me speaking live or on the cover of Dental Town magazine. 

You may think that to grow your practice, you have to spend tens of thousands on external marketing. Or maybe you think that you have to spend $50,000 for a consultant. 

Well I'm here to tell you that you can grow your practice in the comfort of your home without costs of travel, office closure or staff costs simply by becoming a Dental Maverick. 

By learning the core principles of communication, management & leadership, I will help you, as I have helped many dentists, earn more than you ever have. But that's not all. By becoming a leader, you will bring CONTROL to your practice and have staff that work WITH you instead of AGAINST you. 

Imagine the feeling of going to work and making a good profit

Imagine gaining the confidence of speaking up to staff when needing. 

Imagine how much more enjoyable work would become.

Don't believe me? Watch the videos above and read the testimonials below. These are real dentists like you that have found the breakthrough in life that isn't taught in dental school or any other CE. 

Now what would YOU do with extra INCOME, TIME & FREEDOM?

Pay off debts? 💵 Take more vacations? Spend more time with family? 🏠 

What People Say About Dental Maverick:
Read the Results yourself!
Dr. Matthew Standridge: "Looking like we'll end the year with the Yates Center office at a 72% increase over last year"

Dr. James Sierra: "I've owned 2 offices for the past two years….I have managed to grow the new one by 26 percent from the first year ( thanks Tuan!)."

Dr. Peter Bowman: "All right I'll throw in a brag like the other Mavericks. I grew $250,000! I'll keep my total numbers to myself. Many credits directly to Tuan's teachings for that growth. This year's goal is to grow by 37% with the addition of a part-time associate, and increasing implants and possibly short-term ortho. I am looking forward to this. #Gettin'AllMaverickyInHere" UPDATE: " Since joining Maverick in Fall 2014 my practice has grown approx 60%."

Dr. Mark Regenold: "I'm at 900k for the year...[vs] 400k in 2014 (pre-Maverick)." View his testimonial video here where he goes from 33k to 77k and now to 100k (video here) and listen to how he says Maverick program saved his family & house or read his written testimonial here.

Dr. Melissa Wendt: " We've doubled production since this time last year. I barely have a chance to breathe. But this is great! This is awesome, this is exactly what I wanted! Thanks, Tuan! I REALLY could not have done this without you!"

Dr. Amrit Burn:" I started the course early last year and just looked at the numbers. 2015 we produced 117k more (20%) than 2014! That's enough to ditch my side gig associateship and go all in. Thanks Tuan!" [Update 1/1/17] "2016 was 12% up from 2015" [Since joining in 2014, Dr. Burn has gone from 600k->~717k->~803k. In 2 years, that is a 203k increase in production!]

Dr. Chris Burton: “[I’ve] bumped my collections from around $40K/month to $60K/month…of all of the money and time I've spent in the last year, Tuan's course was probably the best investment I made.” UPDATE: "Here's my update from Tuan's course. We collected 672K last year, and we're on track to collect somewhere around 775-800K this year." [Update 8/16: We collected 672K last year, and we're on track to collect somewhere around 775-800K this year.]

Dr. Matt Bickel: "We are 26% over last year. Maverick ROCKS!!!!" [Update 11/1/17]. Dr. Bickel reports being up up another 20% and a 20% increase in NP also. 

Dr. Sunny Pahouja: "Alright here we go. Lots of success stories here and I want to share mine. I bought my practice in Jan 2015 so I don't have a comparison to my own numbers. However, I can tell you that my collections in 2015 were 19.47% higher than 2014 collections. 2014 collections were seller's collections. Maverick videos gave me more confidence and I haven't even started a whole lot into staff videos with my staff because I am training them on some other things at this time. I watched some of the staff videos and they are great."

Dr. Russell Schafer: "This course paid for itself very quickly. I'd estimate that the course put an extra 80k in my pocket this year. It moved me from a bottom tier dentist at my DSO (Kool Smiles) to one of the top producers with the happiest patients and parents. Also my staff is happy and productive. " [Update 1/1/17]. Russell has purchased an office and almost doubled the production going from 413k to 801k in 1 year! 

Dr. Chonway Tram: "We have been blessed with 22% growth [vs last]...hovering around 40-60 NPs/month." 
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